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The company vision:
Company values:
The company motto:
The company SiXun:

The company's business slogan:

Company management policy:
Company quality policy:

Become the nation's top auto pipe manufacturing processing enterprise.,null。
Responsibility, fairness, team, innovation.
Confirm, confirm,null。 confirm again.
Us: the mind together, united struggle;,null。
Letter: to lixin, credible;
Jing: skilled in size, skilled in appearance;
We would like to: careful operation, foolproof.
Solid: honest and trustworthy, don't cheat don't lie;
Effect: to improve business efficiency, clear objectives.
Quality, time - is the way; - is the customer of next working procedure;
Processing by heart - carefully take brook; Abide by the system - not speak conditions;
Always be - armed "5 s"; Always comply with the safety standards.
In the heart guide line, by law, in the same boat.
Customer first, the company all staff is the most precious wealth, enterprise enduring truth is continuous improvement, and can only be realized by good faith specification to ensure product quality, continuous innovation is the lifeline of the development of the company.